Conjoined Robin Released

GambarThe stronger bird of a pair of conjoined robins found in Utah this summer has been released. According to, the bird required extensive therapy and medical care to recover from the ordeal of being joined to its sibling with a piece of twine that bound their wings together as they grew. The smaller bird needed part of its wing amputated when the birds were separated, but it has a happy home at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah, where it will likely become the center’s mascot.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah cares for roughly 1,400 birds and small animal each year, working to release them back into the wild where they belong whenever possible. Approximately 200 of the birds the center cares for annually are American robins.

If you find an injured bird, do you know what to do? Contact a bird rescue center for help!

Juvenile American Robin
Photo © Tony Hisgett

Killer Bird Warning in Australia

GambarResidents in Queensland, Australia have been warned about the possible emergence of killer birds – southern cassowaries – from their normally elusive rainforest range. According to The Journal, recent floods and Cyclone Yasi have destroyed many of the birds’ nests and they have been seen wandering greater distances for undamaged food sources, primarily fruit crops.

Southern cassowaries can reach up to six feet tall and have vicious talons capable of disemboweling intruders, including humans, if they feel threatened. Despite those formidable characteristics, however, these birds are not overtly aggressive unless provoked. Anyone seeing a cassowary should avoid feeding the bird or otherwise disturbing it.

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Bald Eagle Beheaded

A bald eagle has been found beheaded in Louisiana, but authorities are baffled as to why. According to Fox News, the eagle’s wing and tail feathers were intact, as were its talons – typical prizes that might be harvested for black market trade. The bird was most likely shot around the end of March, and its body was found April 3.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information about this crime. If convicted, the individual(s) responsible may face fines up to $250,000 and two years in prison. Anyone with information should contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Bird Identifier

GambarFotobirder! Congratulations!
Fotobirder has more than 400 species on his life list, and he’s been a serious birder for more than 20 years. His father-in-law introduced him to the joys of both birds and bird photography, and he was hooked when he saw his first bald eagle. He recommends studying birds carefully to get as much information about them as possible before trying to identify them – the more you know about the bird, the easier it will be to get an accurate identification. Studying habitat and songs also helps him identify birds, though he admits he still finds fall warblers and gulls to be challenging.

Throughout 2010, Fotobirder participated in 41 of the forum’s weekly challenges and correctly identified 35 of the mystery birds in question – including the solitary sandpiper, Le Conte’s sparrow, Franklin’s gull and other difficult birds.
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